Bibi Lore

Chapter 1: The Start

Before the universe, a tree appeared, the tree grew Bibi's infinite father. Tweeties infinite father flew into the universe. After, Bibi's infinite father and Tweeties infinite father started slapping each other and then somehow created Bibi and Tweety. Then suddenly the first woam appeared, then a cat ate it's tuna, then split into 2 woams and around the same time, Bravola was created by the slaps. Then the universe started. One woam flinged into the slaps, which turned into Brubber, and the other woam installed OpenGL which made everything 3D, then yelled out, "I'm Thwree Dee!", then started splitting into more and more woams. Brubber created carrots so woams can eat and not catch death. And woams loved it, woams started creating carrots left and right, and carrots were being eaten left and right, but suddenly, woams learnt how to turn carrots into other stuff. They made a planet called Earth and then started making animals. But they accidentally made the object count go over 256, and the universe was only 8 bits at the time... So they caused Expunged and Bandu to glitch into existence, and Bandu overwritten the tree as I.D. No. 1. Bandu fled to a Friday Night Funkin' mod to escape the tree. Bibi's infinite father turned the universe 64 bits. All the woams that were building at the time merged and called themselves the Kitten. (yes there were some woams that were not converting carrots into other stuff) A goose called Gerald migrates into the universe in search of bells. He mistook the tree for a bell. The tree got really angy.

Chapter 2: Angy Oak

The tree decided that it wanted to become more powerful, so it started learning sudo. Around the same time, the woams learnt how to bake themselves to recreate themselves through other means than splitting. The tree starts chasing Bandu for it's I.D.